The Fsra british f2 sidecar championship kicked off at Croft this weekend with the current f2 Cup Champion Mike Jackson and new passenger Harry Payne having a great weekend and coming away with a 5th & 6th, which placed them 5th overall in the Championship points. With the new championship rules stating that the top 6 from the race one result are to be reversed to set the grid for race 2, this put Mike & Harry on the front row for the first time, alongside Conrad Harrison & Andy Winkle. They were able to capitalise on this by out racing Conrad/Andy into turn one, and managing to lead a British Championship race for the first time, eventually losing out to some of the top teams.


The lads worked well over the weekend, with plenty of dry track time and a few minor tweaks to the bike, they were able to make it more stable on the faster corners and under heavy braking, and this helped them massively, bringing the times right down over the course of the weekend.

The bike was faultless all weekend. For an ageing chassis, fitted with a completely standard engine, it just proves the quality of Terry Windle’s work as well as the strong potential of this up and coming team.

Mike: "The weekend went really well, we were happy on Saturday in the wet as we knew the field would level out and give us a better chance of a higher position.
When Sunday came and we were on the front row, I knew if we got a good start and pushed on, it would give us a better chance as the top boys would be going faster.
It was my first meeting with Harry, he was great to have on board, on and off the bike, and on Sunday in the dry we gave it our all and tried our best, and thats all we could do.
Our bike was reliable and great as ever with only a few small changes to set up needed over the weekend and i was just happy to be out there riding again!"

Harry: "Michael continued to impress everyone this weekend. We ran well together and were able to get the maximum out of our limited resources, which is really satisfying. I am in strong belief that Michael has the talent outright wins. I think he is doing an impeccable job with the equipment he has. We are just giving too much away in straight line speed. I am really looking forward to seeing what we can do with a tuned engine in the brand new bike, currently being built by Dave Molyneux."


“We’d like to thank Andreas racing, IOM steam packet and AV Craine and sons, and everyone else thats helped us to date.”

The lads are having a fundraiser evening to promote their TT efforts. This will take place at the Sulby Glen Hotel, on Saturday 21st April. There will be several exciting experiences up for auction, such as a closed roads lap of the TT course in one of the Subura’s, a lap in a 1938 Morgan race car, a Manx Rally stage experience, and more...

Please get down and show your support for the team in what is a big year for them.