Inc: ACU CTC/BRA Course for Sidecars

BMCRC, in association with RKBF1, the ACU Road Race Committee and Lydden Hill Circuit is setting up a Sidecar exclusive pre-season testday on Saturday February 25th 2017. The whole day will be dedicated to sidecar testing running from 9.15am-5.30pm. Arrival and setup will be available on Friday afternoon/evening too.

The day will be run as a Bemsee testday with our usual full Marshals, Officials and Medical cover. It will run under an ACU Permit but also be covered by a Training Permit to enable us to allow novice riders and passengers to complete their Sidecar CTC/BRA Course. The Bemsee Technical Officials will also be available to offer advice on machine compliance in advance of the season, where required.


Your agreement to participate on the day could mean you also agree to help new riders and passengers that come along. This could be just advice on a range of 3-wheeled subjects but could also involve allowing a new rider to try your machine. By having a wide range of both F1 and 600 teams supporting the day we hope to have a good enough number of outfits to enable any new rider to find options that will “fit” so they can complete the ACU BRA Course for Sidecar and provide a good test environment beyond anything currently available to them.

For some years now the Sidecar branch of our sport has often struggled to find a safe way to give new riders a proper opportunity to try sidecar racing, either as a passenger or particularly as a rider. The last time Bemsee ran an event like this was back in 2013.


Sidecars is still the only branch of Road Racing that produces British World Champions. With healthy sponsorship support at British level for Sidecars and the continued good support of Sidecars at the TT, there’s even more focus needed to give new blood a chance to experience our sport. If we don’t there’s a potential problem facing us for three-wheeled grids in the future.


Taxi rides at some Club events have enabled some to experience being a passenger, some have gone forward into the sport. It’s not many though. For potential riders, it’s even more difficult. The local industrial estate or retail park when there’s no-one around – it’s not good enough. What about finding an outfit to try – how much work will be involved just to make the prospect fit?


So this is not just a testday for sidecars (although we think that’s rare enough!), this is your chance to get involved with a practical effort to grow participation in the branch of the sport we all love the most. It’s your chance to give a little back. It’s open to all teams, British & Club. We aim to promote this to the wider biking audience through PR and hope to also attract paddock suppliers to support the event.