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Last year at the Endurance Legends event we ran Sidecar Taxi rides on the Melbourne Loop and boy, did we have some fun!!
This event is all about the fantastic levels of fun and excitement that can be had whilst racing sidecars, you as the Taxi Riders will get a first-hand taste of what it’s like to be riding on a thoroughbred Grand Prix outfit or a slightly more tame Classic or even a ‘BEARs big wheeler’.
We will have leathers and helmets for you to borrow but if you have your own one piece leathers, gloves, sturdy boots and a helmet with an ACU gold badge, even better.


Last year we raised £3500 for baby Riley Clay who was suffering with a rare form of the big C, we all knew that getting him to America was his only chance. Many folk worked hard on all sorts of events but time was not on Riley’s side and with love all around him, he slipped away last year. His memory lives on through a charity set up by his family ‘The Riley Dean Superstar Foundation’. The aims are to help and support the parents and families of children with terminal illnesses. If you would like more information please contact me, Slow Phil on Facebook or 07730784975.
This year we are getting back to our roots by raising money for the ACU benevolent fund, that helps support fallen riders through injury and even after retirement from racing and the ‘Sue Berg’ fund that helps fallen racers from ‘British Historic racing’. Both these causes are staffed by volunteers and every penny given goes to the point of need.

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Now, the fun part: You will be given a full briefing by ‘Lady Sidecar’ (Claire Duplock BHR Champion passenger and current racer) and at that point you can chose the outfit you would like to be taken on. If you fancy the ride of a life time or maybe an introduction into the world of Sidecar racing without spending a fortune, just £15 for ten minutes, book now at : and let’s get the ball rolling!!


Anyone who can bring an outfit please call me on 07730784975