The FSRA Preinjection championship has come alive with a fantastic entry with eighteen teams at Oulton Park and twenty teams entered for Mallory resulting in their own race.

Novice John Shipley jnr with Milo Ward as a last minute stand in passenger winning both round one Oulton park races.

This year’s championship grids are made up of all abilities from novices to old and bald with an all assortments of machine types, long and short chassis of all different manufacturers with lighter 600 engines, bigger heavier 1000cc plus four stroke engines, and 350 to 750 two strokes engines.

Oulton Park suited some but which teams and set up will be more suited for round two the shorter Mallory Park track this weekend?

Oulton Park results

Race one
1.John Shipley Milo Ward Ireson 1000 Yamaha
2.John & Doug Chandlers Ireson 600 Yamaha.
3.Dave Tibbles Raitch Greenwood DDR FJ1200 Yamaha.
4.Bill & Nick Roberts 600 Kawasaki.
5.Jody & Reece Sims 600 FZR Yamaha.
6.Mark Burns Steve Winfrow Jacobs 900 Fireblade Honda.
7.Steve Brooks Amanda Mills Heys 600 Yamaha.
8. Ian Sutcliffe Rob Bryant Jacobs 600 Yamaha.
9. Joe Heys Marc Maier Heys T500 Suzuki.
10.Gerald Daniel Hodgson Shellbourne 600 Honda.
11. Andy Thomas Joe Clements MRE 720 Yamaha.
12. Marianne Walford Karen Upton Baker 600 Yamaha.
13. Steve Alexander Steve Woolcott Broadstock 1100 GPZ Kawasaki.

Race Two
1.John Shipley Milo Ward
2.John & Doug Chandler..
3. Mark Burns Steve Winfrow.
4. Steve Brooks Amanda Mills.
5. Ian Sutcliffe Rob Bryant.
6. Dave Tibbles Raitch Greenwood.
7. Jody & Reece Sims.
8. Capewell Deeley 600 Windle Yamaha.
9. Andy Thomas Joe Clements.
10.Gerald Daniel Hodgson.
11. Marianne Walford Karen Upton.
12. Steve Alexander Steve Woolcott.

Thank you to all our sponsors Adrian Lane Building services and Pagid brakes and the Wirral 100 club for hosting our championship.

Championships standings after Round 1

Shipley/Ward   30
Chandler/Chandler  24
Burns / Winfrow  17
Tibbles/ Greenwood  17
Brooks/Mills  15
Sims/Sims 14
Ian Sutcliffe/Robert Bryant 13
Roberts/Roberts  9
Hodgson/Hodgson  6
Thomas/Clements  6
Capewell/Deeley  5
Heys / Maier  4
Walford/Upton  3
Alexander/Woolcott  2

Dates for next rounds: 
6/7May Mallory Park EMRA
23/24 June Anglesey Wirral 100
 6/7 July Cadwell Auto 66
11/12 August Donington NG
 22/23 September East Fortune Melville
27/18 October Cadwell Auto 66