The 2019 Isle of Man TT races got under way for “Team Shand Racing”. Driver Gordon, will have Tony Belsey in the chair this year. Tony, passenger’s for Gordon at the short circuit racing back on the mainland, UK.

A lot of work had to be done to the “Shand Chassis” Suzuki, 600, before the team were to take off down “Bray Hill”. Work commitments back home meant that there has not been a lot of time to prepare the machine. Not what Gordon wanted, but that’s just how things have worked out.

Passenger, Tony has been to the TT before, but that was over ten years ago. Due to this, the team had to do a newcomers controlled lap, behind a paced sidecar.
The team set off on this lap under bright sunlight, but very windy condisions.


After the controlled lap, it was noted that the radiator protection mesh was all chocked up and blocked with leaves and small pieces of stick. This could have been due to being close to the other sidecar team in front, as it was a controlled speed lap. This problem was not good for the team, their machine was running a bit hot, and a small fuel problem hindered them.


Passenger Tony, was happy with how the lap went, but he will be making some adjustments to hand holds on the machine. They finished their lap, albeit with some work to do, but this will all be sorted for full practice tomorrow.
Mark Walters.